Here at Little Earth Wellness my aim is to enable clients to discover their own individual paths to happiness. Together we work to create transformative experiences that you can continue to benefit from indefinitely.

Combining counselling and guidance, easy meditative practices, and various other modalities, I am passionate about co-creating real and lasting positive changes for each of my individual clients. Specialising in paediatric counselling and trauma informed practices, I help my clients to set goals and work towards achieving them. 

My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing clients leave feeling relaxed, renewed and ready for whatever they may encounter next. Empowering our younger generations to move confidently forward in the direction of their dreams is both a privilege and  an honour. 

I utilise many diverse methodologies to achieve the objectives my clients set for themselves, so you can rest assured knowing that your experience will be carefully tailored to your own individual needs.



I had my first session with Brooke about a year ago. I had had a couple of rough times and really just wanted to get a few answers and some reassurance that everything was going to work out and that my choices I made had been the right ones for myself.  Brooke made me feel completely at home and at ease. It was a beautiful experience and I have since had another  clarity session and was once again amazed at what came through. Brooke is a beautiful person and her guidance is amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing some reassurance or guidance, truly blessed to have met her.


This beautiful and talented lady gave me such a wonderful  session that I was taken aback. Where do I start?  Her insight and clarity on my situation and my two daughters was clear, insightful and very helpful. Brooke had so much patience with me and my questions that all I can say is WOW ! She is the first one I recommend to anyone who asks. You will not regret having a most wonderful session with Brooke.




Many people find themselves at a crossroads in life, wondering about their true purpose and questioning the paradigms they were once comfortable with. This evolution can often be painful and at times frightening. Learn coping mechanisms to release the fear and worry while being guided and supported to better embrace the new path you choose for yourself.


 Help your child overcome anxiety, build resilience and  foster independence. Manage behavioural issues, deepen your understanding of their developmental stage and learn skills that promote a happy, emotionally stable childhood. Home visits available. 


Do you have an issue or concern that you need help overcoming? My specialisation in mindfulness and meditative practices will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals. Specialising in overcoming anxiety and self-esteem issues using regression techniques, confidence building and positive habit setting. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life.


I've had a few visits with the always inspiring Brooke, she's always spot on!
She's always my go to when I need a bit of direction or guidance. Would highly recommend to anyone.


 I have been to Brooke for guidance  and business advice. She supported me while I made some very tough decisions.
There isn’t much Brooke can’t do ! She has helped our family grow in a positive way and we love her.


I came to Brooke for some
help and support.  She was so comforting and compassionate. Very much a kind soul guiding others. She not only helped me but my family as well.  Thank you Brooke for all your time, effort and love you put in.



Bodies can often store painful memories and emotions that can lead to significant impacts on both physical and mental health. Learn new ways to reconnect, accept, appreciate and honour your body. Release, restore and unlock tissue memory through integrated mind and body movement. Call now to work towards an improved relationship with yourself and make the most of every moment.


Join a group from all walks of life, as we work together to actively support and empower one another in a beautiful non-judgmental circle. Set goals and embrace the challenges each stage of our lives bring as you laugh, cry, discuss and hold the space with sacred intent. Contact for more information.



Over the course of the year workshops and other training sessions are often run in conjunction with yoga retreats and group bookings. Contact for more information regarding your specific needs or to be placed on the mailing list.



Perth, WA