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Psychologist's Office


 Exceeding Expectations 

Counselling can assist you to find your own direction, determine what's most important and help you map a way to get there. 

Therapeutic Modalities 

Trauma Informed Practices

Solution Focused Therapy

Behavioural Strategies

Person-Centred Therapies

Narrative Therapy

Attachment Therapy 

Hypnosis and Meditation

Mother's Group Therapy 

Cognitive Dance Therapy Classes (Located at Desiree Dance Academy, Butler)

I qualified in counselling because I saw a need to help people access supports and gain a deeper understanding of self in order to better achieve their potential. Nobody should ever doubt their value, or sit alone and question their worth. I understand the demands of parenting and lack of childminding services, so I block out sessions to cater for clients that may prefer home visits. 

Areas of Expertise

Domestic and Family Violence 

Parenting Support

Goal & Skill Building 

Emotional Regulation

Separation & Divorce

Social Skills 

Anxiety Management

Relationship Challenges

Communication Skills

Grief & Loss 

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